A Christmas Poem by Barista Ellen

A Christmas in Glasgow is cold, I know
But I wish it cold enough for snow
We trek through rivers of water instead
And wish we were back home inside our beds

But I stay out in the cold for a while
to see pale and gold light up the Style Mile
Lights all shine bright on this cold afternoon
Reflecting on the street like an iridescent moon

I'm getting a chill as the rain it does pour
The coffee shop queue is near out of the door
Oh No! The rain has now turned to sleet
Let's go, find shelter down Buchanan Street

The Christmas market, it is a clamour
Of sounds, sights,smells, tastes. A joyous uproar!
My dogs on the trail on discarded food
He's found half a burger. Oh that's not good

This city of mine I both love and hate
But at Christmas time when we celebrate
I love the seasonal atmosphere
Apart from the horrendous rain I fear

And to all of friends in Le Teen Café
Have a Merry Christmas and Hogmanay

-Barista Ellen-

Image: Cyril Ayroles