A Movie I'm Sooooo Looking Forward To: Ender's Game

Ever since I first heard that a movie version of Ender's Game was in the works. I've been going absolutely CRAZY trying to track down all the deets. I'm not a big sci-fi fan, but Ender's Game... OMG. Ender's Game was beyond amazing. Especially that twist at the very end. Omgomgomgomg. I won't give out any spoilers, but lemme say this. IT'S SO COOL!

And when the casting came out. I got even more excited. You won't believe what kind of AMAZING actors we're going to see on the big screen. The actors make me want to scream even more. It's just, ugh. I can't handle this. ENDER'S GAME, COME OUT ALREADY!

Asa Butterfield


First of all, huge fan. Ever since I first saw Nanny McPhee 2, he's been on my to-watch list. He's adorable and has the most beautiful eyes ever! And his voice! HIS VOICE IS SO DEEP. (sorry for all the extra caps. I'm just so freaking excited!)

Hailee Steinfeld


You might remember her from my previous blog post about the Romeo and Juliet remake and here she is again. Hailee's been working like crazy recently. She's an absolutely phenomenal actress and I cannot wait to see her as the amazing Petra!

Harrison Ford

Colonel Graff

Yup. You heard it right. The King of Sci-Fi stars in Ender's Game! Whooop! Talk about the best cast ever!

Viola Davis

Major Gwen

She was just incredible in the Help and no doubt she'll be amazing in Ender's Game too!

Abigail Breslin


I personally haven't seen any of Abigail's movies since she was a little girl, so I'm really looking forward to see how much she and her acting's grown.

Ben Kingsley


When I first heard that Ben will be playing the uh-mazing Mazer Rackham, I literally screamed. HE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE I PICTURED MAZER WHEN READING THE BOOK!

Ugh. The cast really makes me want to cry. It's so perf.

Do you see why I'm so hecka excited?!