How To Winter: Layering

The cold season is coming up and now we've got to bulk up on our clothes to keep ourselves warm. The problem: it's stuffy, it makes you look fat, and it's uncomfortable. So is there a good way to layer your clothes to keep warm without looking like a fat penguin?

First of all, wear innerwear to keep your body heat in. A pair of warm tights (or pantyhose. You'll see why in a sec.) and a comfortable tank top would suffice.

Now this part is the important part: you need to wear the right material for winter. Wear wool, flannel, cashmere, or some other type of warm material. Don't try to wear polyester or a thin layer of cotton. You'll just freeze to death. I happen to be a big fan of knitted sweaters. They're warm, stylish, and just oh-so-perfect for the evil winter.

The bottom half of your body is where you can get a little more creative. If you're wearing a dress or a skirt, pull up a pair of winter tights to keep your legs warm. But if you're not in the mood for a dress or a skirt, wear pantyhose. They will trap nice, warm heat in your legs to keep you warm. And on top of your pantyhose, zip up your jeans and your legs are all set to battle the cold. As for your third option, you could just wear a pair of warm tights underneath your top. (Tip: If your tights aren't warm enough, you can always sneak in a pair of pantyhose underneath.)

And on top of everything, of course, wear a beautiful coat or a parka or a jacket or a whatever the heck you want to wear on top so you don't freeze.

So we've covered our body, now what about our feet? This is simple: really warm socks and a cute pair of boots. Simple enough. Even if you don't really like boots (but how could you not?), as long as you have a pair of thick socks on, you'll be fine with whatever shoes you decide to wear.

Finally, accessorize! Wear a cute beanie, a warm scarf, and a pair of the cutest gloves ever. These aren't mandatory and you can be super creative with all this stuff, so if you aren't a big scarf person (like me) or a hat person or a gloves person, you can always skip it. Be mindful, though, that the part of your skin that you expose will most likely freeze to death. Just saying.

Have a warm winter, everybody!

-Barista Mia-

Image: Maria Morri