How To Avoid The Sigh-Worthy Hair Color Fade

We've all experienced it before. We dye our hair a beautiful color and a month later, the color's faded to some disgusting color that resembles diarrhea. It's totes gross and the only thing stopping us from dyeing our hair again is this exact result. Even highlights look horrifying. And *shudders* when you dye your hair a very special color like pink... the aftermath of dyeing your hair is not pretty, I'mma tell you that. So okay. We've established that the Hair Color Fade is the worst thing ever. But is there a way to avoid it?

PS. I'm not saying this will prevent the color fade forever, but it will extend the color's life and that's good enough IMO.

Wait To Wash Your Hair

I know. That sounds like gross advice, but if you start washing your hair right after you've dyed it, the Hair Color Fade will begin much faster than it is meant to. And no, you don't want that. You need time for the color to settle in. Wait at least 2-3 days before washing your hair.


Be especially careful when you're washing your hair. First, don't wash it too often 'cause shampooing will strip the color from your hair. Maybe you could wash it every other day. That's not too bad, is it? Second, buy some of that shampoo that is specifically made for your new hair color.


Quite the opposite from shampooing, conditioning can actually keep the color in your hair longer. This is because conditioned hair is much more ideal for color than dry hair. Anyway, you don't want to look like a horse after destroying your hair with all those chemicals, so what's to lose?

Avoid Hot Stuff And Styling

No hot water. No hot products. Nada. Try your very best to avoid heat damage on your newly colored beautiful hair. No more damaging, please. And as for styling that doesn't include burning your hair, yeah, that's not cool either. Get that hairspray out of your head. But if you insist, get one that is made for dyed hair.

Stay Far Faaaaaar Away From The Sun

This is pretty practical advice, don't ya think? Yes, vitamin D is great, but the sun isn't your dyed hair's best friend. It will dry it out and fade out the color. Yikes. So keep your hair as covered as possible and put some hair sunscreen on your hair. Especially for you who are in the middle of summer right now. I'm looking at you, my lovely New Zealand.

-Barista Mia-

Image: Andrea Rose