The Ultimate Travel Plan

Dreaming can sometimes suck. It can make things seem so distant, and far into the future. But there are some things you don't have to wait too long for- like visiting your most desired locations, depending on where you want to go. With the right mindset, you could be surfing on the coast of Spain or photographing the insanely beautiful architecture in Florence.

The trick is to stay positive and be practical. Firstly, where do you want to go and realistically, would you be able to travel and survive there for a week or two? Commonly, the more popular tourist locations tend to be pretty pricey so maybe it's a good idea to choose somewhere other than a major city (I'm not suggesting somewhere entirely remote, unless you are into places like that), you're also more likely to catch a glimpse of the traditional lifestyle. Sometimes, living more like a local and being on a tighter budget actually allows you to appreciate a place on another level, and brings with it a sense of excitement, as opposed to going all-inclusive and only really seeing the hotel/resort and not much more. There are few things in this world more exciting than exploring the streets of a beautiful, foreign place.

The main costs you will need to take into account are travel- initially getting there and back as well as transport once you are there; accommodation and finally; living costs (food, drink, etc). I think I'd be speaking for most here when I say it would be difficult to spend every night sleeping on a feather stuffed king sized mattress in a five star hotel close to the city centre. Some of you might be a little repelled by the idea, but youth hostels are always an option. They are extremely cheap, and you're likely to cross paths with many interesting fellow travelers. If you don't like the idea, two star hotels aren't a bad way to go either. I mean, they are no five star hotels (obviously) but most are perfectly clean and possess all of the bare essentials. They just lack the fanciness of more pricey accommodation. Anyway, if you're likely to be exploring, it shouldn't matter if your hotel room is a little plain. As for buying food and drinks, simply ensure you don't go overboard spending your stay lingering in extravagant cafés. Many locations have wonderful street food, so use it as an opportunity to expand your palate. Finally, flights. Unfortunately this requires a bit of organisation and responsibility, but it's all worth it. The best thing to do is to plan and book these beforehand, so long as you are sure you want to go and will have saved enough by then. Flights are often more expensive in the summer, and closer to the time so keep this in mind when booking. You might be able to save a little if you don't bring excessive luggage.

Hopefully your dreams of exploring the globe won't be mere dreams forever. Just remember that it's not impossible so long as you are motivated!

-Barista Ria-

Image: Latin America For Less