Foods That Make You Happy. For Real.

With college apps, exams, SATs and everything, it's hard to keep a smile on your face. And what's a better way to release your stress than by food? Yeah. You can actually become happier by eating. You in? Of course you are. Here are six foods that will make you happy when you're sad.


Credits to: Peter Pearson

You probably already knew this. Who the heck doesn't notice that once you eat chocolate, you feel instantly better? I always gravitate to a bar of chocolate when I'm feeling stressed out. Who cares about getting fat when you can relax your agitated mind with a bit of chocolate? P.S. The darker the chocolate, the better.


Credits to: Pauline Mak

On top of fighting stupid sad thoughts and depression, walnuts also improve your focus and memory. Do I really need to give you another reason to eat walnuts?


Credits to: David Reber

Ah. Beautiful chicken. It tastes amazing, it fills your stomach, it is a universal language, and it helps calm you down. Who would've thought?


Credits to: Fried Dough

I'm a huge fan of berries. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries... you name it. Why? Because they taste good. Oh, right. And they also help relieve stress. Where art thou strawberries? Be beside me in case I go crazy with stress explosion from these college apps or something.

Greek Yogurt

Credits to: stu_spivack

Haven't tried some yet? Well, you really should. It has two times the protein of normal yogurt, so it works better as a diet food as well as a happy food.


Credits to: Vicky Brock

Instead of sugar, try some honey. It satisfies the strong need for a little something sweet and keeps you happy. Eat some with Greek yogurt for maximum effect. Ooh! And BTW, honey is super good for acne, so dab some on your face while you're at it.

But then, what are some foods to stay the heck away from? Cookies, doughnuts, candies... basically everything filled with sugar. Sure, they can make you happy and hyper for a little while, but then everything will crash down and you'll be in an even worse mood than before.

Ah... all this food is making my mouth water. Anyway, now that you've read this, go buy everything on this list right now. Have a happy, stress-free day y'all!

-Barista Mia-

Images: Peter Pearson. Pauline Mak. David Reber. Fried Dough. stu_spivack. Vicky Brock