Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes

You get a haircut and then you look at yourself in the mirror. You were sure it looked gorgeous on the model whose photo you took... on you, it just looks like a hair disaster. Sounds familiar? This might be a case of My-Face-Shape-Is-Different-From-Yours-Syndrome.

So what kind of hairstyles actually match your type of face?

Oval Faces

Those with oval faces are lucky. Almost literally anything suits them. The only thing you need to worry about is outdated hairstyles that no one wants. So the thing you need to work on with oval faces is highlighting a facial feature of yours that you want to show off or accetuate. This is where layers, bangs, and different hairstyles come in. Be creative!

Round Faces

For round faces, you need to either go short or medium to long-ish. Short hairstyles add height and medium to long-ish styles can make your face look thinner. When you go for layers, go for super long layers (but none near the face!) or else your face might look even rounder.

Heart Faces

The best thing for heart-shaped faces are chin-length hairstyles. And if you have bangs, which are actually a good idea, make sure they're side-swept or you'll suffer from looking like you have a short and wide face.

Square Faces

Side-swept bangs work really well on square faces too. One cool thing about having a square face is the ability to get away with long and wavy hair (man, I love this hairstyle). It softens your features and jawline. But if you aren't into having such long hair, bobs work just as great.

Oblong Faces

Now this is another hairstyle that suits long hair, but don't forget to add some layers near the cheekbones for emphasis. This makes your cheeks look wider so your face will look more oval than rectangular. Another thing that works is straight across bangs so that your forehead is covered up.

Doesn't it feel great knowing what kind of hairstyle your face shape needs? That's another hurdle of your life that you've jumped over. Woo hoo! No more My-Face-Shape-Is-Different-From-Yours-Syndrome!

-Barista Mia-

Images: Richard Sandoval,  Gage Skidmore, jmm, GabboT, Joella Marano