The Le Teen Café Review Corner: Midnight Memories by One Direction

Now I know the official album release date for Midnight Memories is November 25th, but iTunes managed to muck things up and accidentally leak all the songs to One Direction's new album. Yes, that means everybody got to listen to the songs before anybody got their hands on the actual physical copy of the album.

As soon as I caught a whiff of the hysteria that was all over Twitter when everybody found out about the leak, I just had to rush over to YouTube to have a listen. Seeing as I managed to free two hours of my time, I listened intensively to each of the songs and now... here's my review:

I am a Directioner. But the problem is, I don't really like any of the boys' songs. Sure, their tunes are catchy and such, but they weren't songs I would download onto my phone to listen to while on the subway or bus. Nope. They were just bland pop songs that I couldn't care less about. Don't you glare at me, people! I still was and am a Directioner. I loved the boys, just not their music.

Anyway, when I heard that Midnight Memories is supposed to have a new sound for the boyband, I got a little curious. And the fact that the boys had more control over this new album of theirs really made me look forward to the album. I mean, considering all their interviews, the boys actually have a good taste in music! Ironic that their songs aren't as good as the bands and singers they always mention.

So, like I said, when the album leaked online, I took a listen to all of their songs one by one. What I heard absolutely shocked me. Almost every single song was completely different! Not only from their previous albums, but also from each other. And that's not a bad thing. The juxtaposition of pure pop to rock to folk rock was absolutely gorgeous. There's a song on the album for everyone. I guess all five of the boys have different tastes in music. The songs they wrote really bring out their individual music styles.

Louis and Liam seem to have a rock fetish. Harry seems to have a love for the most unconventional music style--folk rock. The songs Niall co-wrote were very cutesy and pop-y. As for Zayn, well, as the quiet man he is, he didn't co-write as many songs as the other boys, so I can't say much about his music taste.

Midnight Memories was a big shock for me. I was so used to listening to normal pop from these boys that I wasn't expecting much musical growth from them, but oh my. This album is amazing. Sure, there are some songs that I didn't enjoy listening to like Diana and Best Song Ever, but the majority is actually good music. Even my dad who normally hates music listened to Happily and Midnight Memories and at once asked me who sings the songs. He was absolutely flabbergasted to hear that it was co-written and sung by One Direction of all people.

I feel a little guilty writing this review before the release of the album, so I'm not going to give any more deets about the music. I'm just going to close this blog post now with a: GO BUY THE ALBUM EVERYBODY! It's good music, yo! (I'm planning on buying my own copy although I've already had a listen. Yeah. It's that good.)

-Barista Mia-

Image: awaywiththepixies