Your Color Personality


What's your favorite color? Pink, blue, green, black? Did you know the colors you pick hint stuff about your personality? Yup. That's cool. Take a look at the colors below and check out the personalities that are associated with your fave color. Do you see yourself somewhere?

You picked... RED

Red describes someone outgoing, extroverted, impulsive, restless and at times, aggressive. You love to be the center of attention and to be optimistic. You are very determined to reach your goals and are quick to judge and take sides.

You picked... BLUE

Blue lovers are caring, compassionate, and soft. You think before you act and are patient, sensitive, and self-controlled. Some might say you are the antithesis of a red person. Sometimes, you worry a wee bit too much.

You picked... BLACK

Introverted, dignified, independent, and you tend to keep your feelings and such inside. You like to be in control and to keep things in order. You aren't very emotional. Contrary to what a lot of people think, you have a lot of hidden depths and longings.

You picked... WHITE

You are neat, optimistic, self-controlled, and sensible. You are confident and poised, but when you're in a bad mood or something, you can become really moody and choosy. You're pretty critical and you like to be alone and at peace.

You picked... PINK

Pink is the color of love, kindness, and generousness. You tend to be very charming and a lot of people like you. You want affection and want to be loved and protected by others. I would say pink people are the girliest of people. They like to appear delicate and fragile.

You picked... GRAY 

You are indifferent, composed, and maybe a teensy bit boring. You don't like to get emotionally involved with anything and you like to take the safe road. You make fair judgments and don't like to attract attention. You want to have a peaceful life.

You picked... GREEN

You are a down-to-earth person. You are loyal, kind, sociable, but introverted at the same time. You believe community is one of the most important things in life, so you work hard to connect with people.

You picked... PURPLE

Just as vivid as the color, you like to stand out and aren't afraid to be unique. You are artistic, sarcastic, ambitious, witty, and a born leader. You have high goals and visions and love to meet different types of people.

You picked... BROWN

You are honest, reliable, confident, and supportive. Family is important to you and you don't like to let problems take over your life. You work hard to fix everything and prefer to know everything that is going on because you like to take control.

You picked... YELLOW

This comes to no surprise that yellow people are happy, funny, and love to have freedom. You are impulsive and tend to rush things. You're a good thinker, but at times, you can be a bit stubborn.

So what do you think? A bunch of cheese or do you reckon your favorite color actually describes you?

-Barista Mia-

Image: Darren Harvey