Reflections on Bruno Mars' Just The Way You Are Music Video

Yeah, this music video's puh-retty old, but I had to rewatch it recently as I was planning my lesson for an ESL student. She does this thing where she fills in the missing words I print out while listening to the song. Anyway, I was rechecking the lyrics for "Just the Way You Are" by watching the music video for the first time.

"Aw," I thought. "I want a boyfriend like that."

Here's the music video for you guys who want to watch it, so we're on the same page here:

I was passively watching the music video as I was checking the lyrics when it hit me:

THAT GIRL IN THE MUSIC VIDEO IS FREAKING PERFECT! She has a face FULL of makeup on, she clearly has had her hair done by professionals, she's wearing flattering clothes, she's got, like, THE perfect body any girl could ask for... ARE YOU KIDDING ME, MR. BRUNO MARS? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Sorry. *breathes in and breathes out*

Okay. I'm calm now.

But let me show you what I am talking about. Shall we take a look at a couple lines of the song to illustrate?

Oh, her eyes, her eyes make the stars look like they're not shinin'

Yeah. Thanks to pollution. Next.

Her hair, her hair falls perfectly without her tryin'

If I had hair that was professionally done every single morning, my hair would fall perfectly without my tryin' either.


And not only that. Bruno could have just used a normal-looking girl who just got out of bed, but no. He had to use a perfectly perfect model who's just basking in all of her perfect-ness. Even One Direction used gorgeous models for "What Makes You Beautiful". Being beautiful is what makes those models beautiful, thank you very much.

I dunno.

Maybe I'm feeling a little bitter because I look like poop today. But don't you girls agree? I mean, it's easy to sing about the girl being amazing just the way she is if she looks like THAT. Sigh. Life, man.

Seriously, though. I would be really happy if a male singer actually invited a normal non-model to star in his music video as he sings about how perfect she is although she may not think so.

It's time to petition something like this. Imagine how much this would lift the average teenaged girl's self esteem! Well, here's to hoping a music video with a normal girl will come out one day! *clinks glasses*

-Barista Mia-