Making Sports and Exercise Fun

Exercise is a crucial factor in losing weight. Exercise is especially important in the spring time when we are prepping to make our bodies as presentable as possible for the summer break. But the problem is motivation. We all find it mighty difficult to motivate ourselves to exercise. What better way to up our exercise motivation than by actually starting to LIKE exercising and working out?

Find the sport for you

Some people like to swim, some people like to run, some people like to dance... find something that makes you actually want to work your body to death. I personally like to dance and play badminton. Don't try to do a sport that you don't enjoy doing just because your friends are doing it or because you think that makes you look cool. Do something you like.

Do it with your friends

If you and your friends like the same sport, great! Exercising with your friends is an awesome motivator and it makes exercising a more fun experience for both you and your friends. Gossiping on top of exercising, anyone?

Don't fall into a routine

If you do, exercising will lose its novelty and will become super boring, like homework. Keep it exciting, fun, and new every time. Do your sport in different places, try different techniques...

Play a game

If you're doing a team sport or a sport that requires a partner, playing a game is a sure way to keep exercising super fun. Plus, playing games can motivate you to improve your skills so that you would win.

Listen to music

Music, especially the kind with an energetic beat, has a magical quality of motivating people to exercise. So plug in those in-ear headphones and get cracking.

-Barista Mia-

Image: Lehigh Valley, PA