Things I Wish Were Movies

Whether you’re a regular cinema visitor or just like to watch one once in a while, we are all movie fans. Now despite there being many brilliant (or not so brilliant) movies coming out all the time. There are several things I wish were movies but alas are not likely to ever be made.

1) The Chrestomanci series

Ever since I first read Witch Week by Diana Wynne Jones about a year ago, I thought that it would make a brilliant movie. But why just that book? Why not start at the beginning? With book number one: Charmed Life. The animated film Howl’s Moving Castle based on the Diana Wynne Jones novel of the same name shows that her work can work well on the screen. Why can’t we have an adaptation of the Chrestomanci books?

2) Whatever film this is advertising

It’s been nearly a year since My Chemical Romance's tragic break-up. What would be a better parting gift than a feature length movie based on the video for “I’m not okay”? Yeah, I’m being a bit too hopeful, but no My Chemical Romance fan would deny how amazing that would be. I for one am prepared to feel the romance.

3) The Subtle Knife

I adored the book Northern Lights by Phillip Pullman. In fact, I am currently re-reading my very, very worn out copy for the umpteenth time. The film adaptation for The Golden Compass was okay apart from the fact that IT FINISHED BEFORE THE ENDING OF BOOK!!! I was always disappointed that we never got to see the sequel and now at 19, Dakota Blue Richards has outgrown the role of 12 year old Lyra. I think people would notice the seven year gap as, if my memory serves me correct, The Subtle Knife starts about 3 days after the end of Northern Lights.

-Barista Ellen-

Images: via (The Chrestomanci series), via (The Subtle Knife)