Busy Day Makeup

After writing that post on lazy, bad hair days, I thought it would be neat to write a sister post on what to do with your makeup when you're so busy that you're just like "what the heck". This is me almost every single day. I consider my hair more important than my makeup, so after spending thirty minutes styling my hair, I find it impossible to find time to do makeup as well as I do my hair. A couple years of doing this, I now consider myself an expert in quick makeup for busy days.

Anyway, enough back story, here are my busy day makeup steps:

1) Just put on some foundation

Yes, really. This is what I normally do every day. I just slap on some BB cream on my face. Obviously you won't look dressed up and stuff, but I think this is good makeup for school. I mean, you're covering up some flaws and you won't look gross.

But if you're lucky enough to have more time to paint your face...

2) Put on concealer and powder your face

Put on a little concealer on certain spots like underneath your eyes and powder your face for the big finish. Voila. Your face will look flawless.

You have more time? Well then...

3) Slap on some lipgloss or lipstick

This way, you won't look too pale and dead like the way most people look when they only put on some face makeup.

If you still have more time, though...

4) Curl your lashes and put on some mascara

I've still not mastered the art of the liquid eyeliner (I abhor pencil eyeliner. I don't know why.), so I tend to skip putting on eyeliner unless it's a special occasion (I need around two minutes to put on my eyeliner. If you can put on eyeliner quickly, though, go for it!). Mascara, on the other hand, is easy peasy. Plus, mascara makes everyone look so much better. Oh, and you can always put on eyeshadow before mascara-ing your lashes, but it's an optional step. You don't NEED to put it on, especially not when you're running out of time.

You still have more time, you say? Then...

5) Apply blush

Yay for a little more color on your face!

Yes, I know this is a weird order to put on makeup, but this guarantees that you'll look good on any step you decide to stop on. I mean, you never know when you'll run out of time perfecting your makeup.

I know I've missed out several crucial makeup steps like bronzer, eyeliner, etcetera, but if you have the time to do more than what I've mentioned here, it's not a busy day for you. It's a not-so-busy day. And these makeup steps are only for busy days, so get lost.

Kidding! No, seriously. Stay and read some more. Heh.

-Barista Mia-

Image: Alex