Fashion How-Tos: A Beginner’s Guide

Rule #1: Break all the rules

I don’t care if the stars aren’t wearing it, or if you’re best friend already wore it, or if it’s ‘not right for your body shape’. Wear what makes you happy. The following ‘rules’ are just to help you out if you’re having trouble. <3

Rule 2: Proportions (tops to bottoms)

If your wearing an oversized sweater, pair it with skinny jeans. Or if you’re skirt's flowy, try a fitted tank-top. Basically, try not to have your top and bottom both snug or super loose; have them balance each other out.

Rule 3: Colors

There’s supposed to be a skin tone test (the seasons one) but I never figured mine out. I just suggest compiling a list of what colors suit you, in what shades, and which ones make you look sick, tired, or just blah. Everyone’s going to be different, so what looks amazing on your friend probably won’t on you (unless of course you guys have similar coloring). If you find a color you love but just doesn’t look the best on you, keep it away from your face; wear a scarf in a more flattering color over the top of that sweater, or wear it in bottoms, shoes or accessories.

Rule 4: Fit

If you particularly want to flatter your body shape, here’s an easy way to make sure you do that: focus on what certain types of clothes make different parts of your body appear bigger/smaller. Want less focus on your bust? Wear the clothes that make you look smaller there. If you’re like me and have a kinda tiny bust, you might do the reverse. Just make sure whatever you wear isn’t way too big or small; clothes that are too big look sloppy and aren’t flattering, but clothes that are too small are just as unflattering and can actually be unhealthy (and if you’re sensitive about your weight, tiny clothes can create ‘fat rolls’ in places you don’t actually have them). So just observe your body and wear what makes you happy about how you look and what shapes you create (a full length-mirror can really help make sure you like the entire outfit, that you’re not accidentally showing off more skin than you wanted, etc.).

Rule 5: Getting the look

Basically, stand back from your mirror and make sure your top/bottom or dress/sweater whatever doesn’t crazily clash. Stripes with prints, etc. can be dangerous territory so if you’re new to this, it might be better to play it safe and have only one printed part of your outfit. So if you want to wear that polka dot dress, wear the plain sweater. Or if your pants have stripes, go with the chic, simple top. For accessorizing, pick two or maybe three things; don’t pile on earrings, bracelets, necklaces etc. etc. (unless you’re going for a new and edgy look).

So I hope these tips have helped you out somewhat, and I’ll be posting part 2 shortly, for those of you who are saying ‘yeah, yeah I know this stuff but I want more help’. :)

-Barista Nicole-

Image: Barbro Andersen