Facebook Lacking in Anything?

I remember the first day I went on the new setout of Facebook and saw the thumbs up button in the message tabs. ("You can 'like' messages? Now my life is perfect!") Gone are the days of awkward end-of-convo smiley messages when you don't know whether it would appear desperate to send another or if it would seem rude not to reply.
But in my eyes, FB is still lacking in a lot of possible shortcuts that would make messaging so much easier. But then, I am exceptionally awkward, so naturally I... 

Anyway! Here are my dreams of the stickers or emoticons a perfect Facebook tab would include:

• The "duh" sign.

This is for that horrifying moment when you're in the middle of a heated debate with your crush or someone, and are doing all you can to make yourself appear witty, and pose an ingenious rhetorical question. Or so you imagined. The moment you've pressed Send you realise you need some way to let him know your power is so great that he can't even see where it ends. And yeah, other than actually saying that. In comes the "duh?!" sign- "Helloo-oo, can't you see how sarcastic I'm being here?!”

• Then, there are the times when you've said something, ahem, a little too sarcastic (there is such a thing as too sarcastic? Wow.) We wanna quickly assure them we don't mean to rude. Like this! That's right, a large head with a tiddly brain, and my crude Snapchat doodling.

• Typo alert! A big fat cross through a big fat mistake- a fun alternative to writing the (often obvious) correction ever time Autocorrect cocks up.

• If you can't be voters to set up a worldwide campaign to bulky Mark Zuckerburg into introducing these tactics, why not just go have a nice cry ( ":::(" tears) and resort to good old fashioned words by having a little experimental game? See how far you can get answering "haha", "lol", or something like it, to every message. It can actually become pretty hilarious. See for yourself!
So, I think it would be cool to have these, but what do you guys think? Any other ideas? I wanna hear them! 

-Barista Sabita-