The Best Foods Ever For Acne

Darn you, teenage skin. Will you please stop breaking out in spots all over my face? No matter how hard I scrub my face, these stupid red spots won't stop appearing over my skin. So how the heck do you prevent this?

Eat. And drink too, for that matter.

No, not anything you want. I'm just saying that there are certain foods that are good for acne. I've found that these foods really do help in alleviating those cursed red thingamabobs across my forehead.


Yeah. It stinks. My theory is that it stinks so much that all the bacteria just scatters away from your face. Anyway, garlic bread is really tasty.


Contrary to popular belief, fatty foods is not actually the cause for spotty skin. Thank you, Omega 3.

Red grapes

If you're a fruit person, like me, you were probably really excited to hear that red grapes help clear those unwanted red parasites as well. Eek! Red grapes, come to mama!


Nuts are your best friend for anything health related. They have a whole heap of minerals and other healthy stuff that are beneficial to your skin.


This is essential. I hate drinking water, but I ditched fizzy drinks altogether for a little while, so I could get used to water, and do you know what I found? It really helps you both physically and mentally. Water makes EVERYTHING better.

Who knew eating could make things better? And all this time, all I thought it did was make me fat. Well, I'm off to eat now.