What We Do when We're Home Alone

• Eat chocolate spread out of the jar

Don't know about you, but I still see the beauty of a (large) dollop of Nutella on a (large) spoon. I've never understood the point of putting it on bread when you can have it on its own...

• Blast music

Blasting music- blasting it at unhealthy decibels, and blasting it so that the special hormone in the brain that makes people go crazy for One Direction comes out for a dance. And singing along to your favourite songs, not caring if you're out of tune or that someone will say you have disgusting taste in music.

• Eat lunch with no, um, manners

Isn't it bliss being able to luck your fingers without feeling totally humiliated? To add as much salt as you like without having to listen to a lecture from your mum? My personal favourite is to sit on the sofa whilst on Facebook. Yeah, I manage to keep the sofa clean... I do... Oh, that picture's not of me- I'm not quite so cheesy. Plus, I wouldn't be eating salad when I could choose what junk food to strip-the-cupboards-bare of. Salad? I mean, salad?!

• Think about your crush

I'm one of those unlucky people who, like a deep sea fish, changes colour from pink to scarlet at any mention of crushes. We all need privacy to think. Being alone is the perfect time to sit back, look expressionless, and go on a "woe is me, he loves me, he loves me not, he doesn't even know I exist!" cruise. Though maybe not in those exact words.