Buh-Bye Lazy Weekends!

Those cloudy, freezing autumn weekends when all your friends are away having fun and you're slouching at home on the sofa with a headache. Drowning in boredom, but can't be bothered to make yourself presentable enough to see anyone. Now, guys, weekends are finite, and always worth making the most of! Before we know it it's Monday and we have no time to Live Life. So here's what you should do to embrace your Sundays.

• Take the headphones out. True, we all love to rock out to "Roar"- What's that? You're fed up with a hundred repeats of "Roar"? Awh. Poor Katy. But too much music does give you a groggy head, and then it's less easy to get on with stuff. So throw down your phone and give your ears, and eyes for that matter, a break.

• Go for a walk
Okay, newsflash! Going for a walk is not boring! If you live near some countryside, escape into the woods where the feeling of total aloneness is electrifying. Seriously. If you're not feeling too happy with your life ATM, you can lie down and look at the leaves. I'm not an anthroposophist or a psychopath, but nature has actually been proven to cure messed up emotions. Yes.
If you're not lucky enough to have any nice woods or fields near by, a trip to the shops is just as nice. I may tell you to ditch the iPhone for a time, but I'd NEVER, in CAPITALS, NEVER tell you to stop buying chocolate, crisps, sweets...

• Bath!
If you're really tired and just can't get up, clean yourself up by soaking in a bubble bath. Ooh, warm water on a grey day. Beauteous.

• Get the horrid stuff out of the way
That homework that's sitting on the table. Get warm and make sure your brain's reasonably clear, and tackle it! I find if I just can't concentrate on it, I find going away and making myself just think over the topic helps.

• Try something new today!
Cough, no, I don't work for Sainsbury's, but I'd love to try my hand at TV adverts! It's fun to be ridiculous. See something you think is interesting- it could be anything, from a song to a survey- and bring out your creative side. Instead of passively playing the song on your iPod, play it on the piano. Interview all your friends on Facebook for no reason whatsoever. Write a poem when you're out in the woods. If you like drawing, shade the Periodic Table different colours. Plait your dog's hair. (Just tacked that one on from my amazingly creative mind, har-har-har.)

So, what do you guys think? What do you do on homie Saturdays and Sundays?

-Barista Sabita-

Images:  RelaxingMusic, Franck Mahon, dana robinson, Steven S., Brian Richardson