So Have You Heard About Jamie's World Yet?

Now, I am a Kiwi with a lot of national pride. The problem is, not many people seem to, you know, notice New Zealand very much. Well, to be honest with you, I did lose interest in my home country after I moved to South Korea, but my spark with NZ is back and I actually re-memorized the New Zealand anthem (No, I am not kidding)!

Anyway, back to nobody noticing New Zealand. I’m going to introduce you to someone who might just change that. She’s funny, she’s relatable, she’s adorbs... Her name is Jamie Curry. Have you heard of her? Maybe, maybe not. But she’s definitely someone to watch.

I want you to go on Facebook (I’m giving you the gift of procrastination here, don’t say “no”.) and type in “Jamie’s World”.

Got that?

You see that page with a few million likes? Yeah, that’s Jamie’s page. The New Zealander. My fellow Kiwi. I die from relatability (is that even a word?) every time I watch her videos.

So these are some of my favorite Jamie’s World videos...

I told you. This is relatability right here. This is exactly how I react to my own homework.

Hi, Mom.

As you can tell, she’s obsessed with Channing Tatum.

This is the first Jamie’s World video I watched! I liked her page right afterwards.

Oh, and it's my mom again.

Jamie and I were separated at birth. We are secretly twins.

There are so many other dozens of videos to watch at Jamie’s World, so go check it out! Spend the rest of your day procrastinating and laughing. What’s a better way to waste your day, eh?

-Barista Mia-