Want a Pre-Party Nerves Antidote? Paint Thy Nails!

Whenever I'm about to go out I always find myself panicking about my looks. I don't know how you guys who actually have *cool* friends and a crush and a boyfriend and a prom to go to survive the cardiac arrests. This is for the girls who sit amidst the piles of socks on their beds going, "Paint my nails that colour? Did that on my last date!" "Do alternate colours? Do I wanna look like a six year-old?" It's also for the girls who believe they have too little practise or skill in manicuring. It's all in your mind! Anyone can do it. Trust meh.

•If you're freaking out that they're gonna look terrible, do a practise run on your toenails first. They can always be covered up with those socks (thank you Mum!) or a quick lumping of another layer of colour over the disaster.

•An ink pen works like eyeliner on nails (except better, nyahaha) and is cheaper. Don't listen to those magazines giving tips about eyeliner. My-eye! They're only trying to make you buy more makeup! Draw whatever you want, let it dry, and paint over with clear polish so it doesn't smudge.

•Tipp-ex: Another cheap 'n' easy trick. Feeling annoyed your Tipp-ex...or "correction fluid"...dries up and leaves those lil stringy bits? Gently toss them over a bright pink, green or blue nail. Add black if you like.

•Sometimes the simpler and quicker, the more sophisticated it looks... Within reason. Or is that just me? Yeah, might just be me actually. Stroke a few rough lines over a plain colour:

•If you're a Jace fangirl, you can pen on the Mortal Instruments logo. Easier than it looks, really- as long as you're careful, mundane! Keep your hand steady, use a fat, inky pen, get to really know the pattern, and you'll be fine. I think fandom logo nails could be the next big thing, you know; I even tried doing a mockingjay- yeah, had to rub it out pretty much as soon as I'd done it. Sabita does need practise on that one.

So, fingers crossed, the boy will love it. Okay, boys don't ever even notice you HAVE nails, but as long as you're happy with your cuticle art, it's a thumbs up from me!

-Barista Sabita