Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes (Nariana?) -- Yup. They've finally confirmed it.

So almost half the world knows by now that Nariana is official. I mean, the two cutie pies took to TWITTER to confirm the "OMG they're totally going out" rumors that have been flowing around for the past few weeks.

So yeah. That's pretty much confirmed. They even RT'd each other if you need more evidence.

If you have been following Ariana for a while, you would know that she had been dating this other dude called Jai Brooks for quite a long time. A whole year, which as we all know is about an eternity in Hollywood. I'm kind of shocked to hear she's moved on so quickly and it kinda reminds me of Liam Hemsworth a certain someone who also broke up with a long term partner and found a new lover so quickly.

Like I wrote when I was expressing my opinion over the whole Liam, Miley, and Eiza thingamabob other breakup that happened recently, I'm really not that happy that this girl moved on so soon. Like, couldn't she have waited a few months or at least a year? She seemed absolutely heartbroken over her breakup with Jai.

On the other hand...

I guess they make a pretty cute couple. They're both talented and adorbs.

I will totally miss this though:

Anyway, what do you think about this new celebrity couple? I'm torn. They suit each other, but couldn't Ariana have stayed single for a little longer? Where's your independence, girl?

-Barista Mia-