So What is it Exactly That You Hate About Miley?

Miley Cyrus. Say that name when you’re around your friends these days and it’s like someone’s just put sour grapes in their juice. “Oh, I hate Miley Cyrus! I mean, 'We Can’t Stop' was weird enough, but this new video… wtf? *Insert extra text-word profanities here*. To me, anyway, it seems like no one likes the new Miley. Yes, she’s changed, and I can sure see why people miss the girl with the auburn hair and the inspirational songs...

Ah, isn’t that refreshing after looking at her powder-pink dyed tongue licking hammers?
But before we go judging her, don’t we at least want to find out exactly why our beloved country girl decided to turn into a metal-eating alien from the land of the slut? There’s always a reason, if you just want to imagine what you would do if your image was carted across the world! Before I’d even heard that there was such a song as Wrecking Ball (see, I’m not a biased Smiler!) I came across a meme on Twitter. “I’m naked because of the way Liam stripped me bare, I emotionally become ‘naked and stripped’, the wrecking ball symbolises a destructive love, I’m left lying in the remains of it”, etc, etc. And why did she want to storm a feelings show in this way when she could have done something less, um, shocking? Perhaps something prettier, like a room full of flowers being blown to bits...

Apparently there was even a purpose behind the VMAs twerking- to “be remembered”, like Madonna and Beyonce, who apparently did the same thing at past awards ceremonies. Remembered for the wrong reasons? Doesn’t have to be like that. Obviously Miley doesn't think so herself; I have a sneaky feeling that if I was her I'd go, “I’ve just won a freaking huge award, people wanna hear me sing, and tonight is just hyper! So I’m gonna voice the mood.” When we’re partying and up on a cloud ourselves, we feel like doing spur-of-the-moment things, whether our friends are going to gossip next day or not. Miley’s being bold and doing this on a global scale.

So, personally I'm not going to start hating Miley, even if I do wish she'd do more "nice" music. It's the same with Taylor Swift for a lot of us. "I Knew You were Trouble", "We Can't Stop", and "Wrecking Ball" are all pretty catchy songs, in my opinion. What do you guys think?

-Barista Sabita-