The Not So Happy Ever After...

I’m sure you all heard the news. Miam has officially broken up. There have been rumors for MONTHS that Liam and Miley were over, but Miley kept insisting that she was still engaged to that hottie fiancée of hers. I, along with thousands of other people, doubted her assurance though. I mean, with all her nonstopping twerking with other men and getting naked and stuff… well, it didn’t look like she was ready for marriage. But what the heck. She’s young and she’ll learn. Hopefully anyway. I may also have been a teensy bit jealous of her relationship with, y’know, one of the hottest dudes on Earth. Where can I find one of those?!

Anyway, it’s time for us to grab our timeturners to highlight the most historical moments of celebrity breakups this past year.


This seems like a billion years ago! I think they’ve been doing so well apart, but I will always miss them together. At least I can always do a Twilight marathon every time I’m desperate for a little Robsten.


So just as the movie comes out Jamie and Lily decide to break it off. During press conferences and all that publicity stuff, they seemed to still be on good terms, so at least things won’t be too awkward when they film the sequels to The Mortal Instruments.


Okay, okay. Henry and Kaley only lasted two weeks so they don’t have an official ship name, but whatevs. Although their relationship was brief, my heartbreak over my dear Henry’s abandoning me for Kaley will last forever. How dare he?!


This was pretty much the biggest breakup of the year for me. They are so perfect for each other that I want to cry. Why the heck would they break up? Even their faces match each other so perfectly. But sigh. At least I can watch them still together in TVD, right?


I don’t know why, but I always found this breakup kind of funny. Harry and Taylor were acting like they were going to last forever, but Harry ended up abandoning Taylor on an island while he went to party with his friends. Poor Taylor.


A headlining breakup for sure. They’ve been together for two years against all odds, but they ended things early this year. A pity, too, because I was starting to warm to this cutesy couple.

There were probably a billion other breakups recently. This is Hollywood we’re talking about! The place where couples tend to die. Though, I admit, there are plenty of couples who made it in the end. So what do you think was the most noteworthy celebrity breakup?

-Barista Mia-