A Girls' Night Out?

Sometimes, with all the drama that comes hand in hand with hanging out with The Guys, we girls just need a time out. For me, especially, I can’t handle the stress and “Do I look okay?” feels that come all over me when my group of friends goes to have some fun with the opposite sex. I just need some kind of calmness in my life. And that’s why girls’ night outs exist. It’s a time where you can act as sexy as you want, it’s a time where you can wear PJs for all that matters, it’s a time where you can gossip about the hottest topics without anybody getting bored.

Now that we’ve established how important girls’ night outs are to society, I’m going to let you in on my top four things to do for a girls’ night out.

Go to a concert

For those who are on a tight budget… I feel ya. But there are many FREE concerts to attend as well. Never mind whether you like the band or not, the atmosphere will gather you up and throw you in the air, determined to make sure you have the bestest time of your life.

Host a slumber party

The possibilities are endless. Blindfolded makeovers, watching chick flicks, reading 50 Shades of Grey out loud... Oh, and don’t forget to grab your brother, paint his face with makeup, and take a picture. You can always use that to blackmail him later.

Shop at the mall

This is the classic thing to do for a girls’ night. To make things even more interesting, hold a fashion show in the middle of the mall after shopping to your heart’s content. Now that’s a night to remember for sure!

Go to the city and explore

Sometimes, it’s good to step out of our comfort zones. Hop into a car (Or another mode of transportation.) and get to a city. Explore! Check out shop after shop, eat at nice-looking restaurants, and pretty much have a good time while getting lost.

Don’t limit yourself to these activities. There are so many other fun things to do with your girlfriends like YouTubing, reading Le Teen Café, drinking coffee, people watching, going to the beach, and reading Le Teen Café (Hold on. Did I say that already? *shrugs* Whatevs.). Just have fun and forget about all that boy drama at home and all your homework that you didn’t do. Because well... what the heck.

-Barista Mia-